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Meet the Kyle Office Solutions Team! 

Kyle Office Solutions Staff

For over 85 years, we’ve earned the trust of hundreds of businesses in the Alabama area by providing:

One Call - One Delivery - One Invoice - A comprehensive selection of products - from coffee to copier toner, file folders to copyholders, and jelly beans to furniture. Kyle has everything your office needs. Our experienced team of business product professionals works hard to understand your needs and recommend the right solutions.

Great Prices - We buy right and work smart, so we pass phenomenal savings on to you.

Fast Delivery and Friendly Delivery Personnel - We’ll get it to you quickly and place your orders right where you want them. Our in house delivery service will deliver to your desk, which allows you to maximize your time and work more efficiently. Most orders are delivered complete, the next day!

Convent, Easy Online Ordering- Fully customizable ordering lists, to simplify your workday. Our web ordering capability has unique platforms that will make your business ordering process simple and exclusive. With incentives such as a premium program offered, ordering online is not only easy and elite but rewarding!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Were you satisfied with the product? If not, we'll take it back and replace it with an item that meets your needs.

Sample Tuesday- Kyle offers a unique rewards program to our customers. With every delivery made on Tuesday our customer receives a free sample of one of our many products. The customer will then fax back a “quiz” sheet that was attached with the sample, and this is their entry into another drawing for a weekly prize!